Day 40 – Yoga Challenge

A challenge is a journey that takes you outside your comfort zone, and tests the individual’s courage and determination. On the journey, we all felt radiant and jubilant at the peaks, and defiant and weary and in the troughs. Yet every test of our resolve brought us closer to our personal truth. Not only did the challenge set new standards of yogic conduct, it also helped us explore the power of shared purpose.               Ali Hale Tilley

ali's india 042

Last night we finished our 40 Day Challenge sharing gifts, dispensing prizes, and enjoying good company of our inner circle of participants.

SASHalo beauty

Special thanks to Jess and Mat from Haylo Skin and Beauty for supplying gift vouchers for First Prize winner – Terese, and Second Prize winner Maree.

Special thanks too to everyone who brought gifts: Terese – SAS Port, Maree – home produce plum brandy, Andy – patchouli oils, Simone – India temple incense, Sarah – organic cheese, Annabelle for organic kiwifruit, Lillian gourmet tea and special matches (for the teacher), and Ali handwritten letters for everyone in the group.

It was a wonderful journey.

3 thoughts on “Day 40 – Yoga Challenge

  1. Heart full and glowing from a beautiful journey and so many special insights. Thank you Ali for the strong light you shone for us, the hours of care, the outpouring of support and encouragement. You are your grace and power are so treasure. To my fellow yoginis for their efforts and humour and solidarity. And big wave out and thanks to Matt & Jess for their generous gift and show of support!!!!! xxx

  2. Congratulations to you all what an amazing journey you have all been on. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Namaste Deb x

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