Day 39 – Yoga Challenge

Meet some of our yogi superstars who took part in the Sadhana Yoga 40 Day Challenge:

annabelle natarajasana 2  Yogini Annabelle was the original inspiration, asking Ali to run a 40 Day Challenge in the first place …

ali and stick Yogini Ali was the staunch ringleader

andy andy B

Yogin Andy … famous for saying “its only 40 days so I want to make a 100% effort!”

Maree  Yogini Maree … the golden light of splendid insights and culinary talents

sarah Yogini Sarah … fresh, easy-going, breezy

Simone Yogini Simone, sweet as sattvic pie, super talented artisan

varja yogini 2 Yogini Terese, kaitiaki of Matiu/Somes Island, interstellar explorer

Halo logo Haylo Skin and Beauty, Challenge sponsors

More Challenge participants will be added as photos roll in….

At the beginning of the Challenge people generally feared:

accidentally failing, binge drinking coffee and alcohol, staying on the strict vegetarian diet, getting enough nutrients, falling ‘off the wagon’, being hungry and craving forbidden food, managing the fast days, and doing yoga every day.

These fears played out as the days and weeks rolled on. Nonetheless, everyone experienced a much deeper level of awareness with their yoga practice and habitual behaviours.

Overall the Challenge was a great success and deep friendships were forged as a result.

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