Helping yoga teachers in New Zealand

I have finally completed my submission to ACC to reduce Yoga Teacher levy fees to a more reasonable level. Yoga teachers are currently charged $1.37/$100 earned (comparatively Dance teachers are charged $0.26c). This work has probably taken me in total over 100+ hours of time and it is now finally in the hands of ACC. Let’s hope this Karma Yoga for the NZ Yoga Community has been worth it!

Dear Ali,
Thanks for your submission
Thanks for playing a part in shaping the ACC Scheme. We have received your submission and really value your feedback.
We want the Scheme to continue to transform and evolve as you do, so we depend on your feedback to tell us whether your business has changed, your activities are different, or how the proposals may impact you.
The ACC Board reviews all of the submissions that we receive during consultation, and your feedback can influence the final recommendations we make to the Minister for ACC. We will come back to you to let you know what our final levy recommendations are.
Once the consultation period ends, the Minister for ACC will receive the Board’s final recommendations and consider feedback from other government agencies. Final decisions are made by Cabinet.
We will make all this information available for you on our website
In the meantime, if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Thanks again for getting involved in this year’s levy consultation.

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