NZ Yoga Centre

Please note there will be no Sunday class on Sunday 25th November due to Ali presenting at the Hauora Yoga Conference in Auckland.

All other classes will run as normal until the last class for the year on Monday 17th December. Classes will resume Sunday 6th January 2019. Happy holidays!


Come and visit our friendly Yoga Centre in Marton.


Yoga gives you:

  • Physical benefits = strength, flexibility, balance, fluid movements, spinal alignment
  • Mental benefits = concentration, self-awareness, clarity, self-knowledge
  • Emotional benefits =  stress release, confidence, happiness, relaxation
  • Sensory benefits = mood enhancement, soothing atmosphere, therapeutic input
  • Social benefits = like-minded yoga community, cultivation of loving kindness
  • Lifestyle benefits = health and well-being, boosted immunity, increased vitality
  • Spiritual benefits = deeper connections, a sense of oneness, mindful reflection

Yoga helps you develop deeper self-awareness. You can get all these benefits from regular yoga practice. All levels are welcome.


NZ Yoga Centre – 20 Stewart Street, corner High Street, Marton

 For more info contact Ali on 06 327 4108 or email

Hauora Yoga Presenter

Hauora Yoga presenter – Ali Hale Tilley

Ali will be presenting at the Hauora Yoga Conference Saturday – Main Marquee
Venue – Main Marquee

Ali Tilley

Ali is the director and head teacher of Sādhana Yoga Ltd. (est. 2006), and recently she set up the NZ Yoga Centre in rural town Marton – two hours north of Wellington.

Bridging worlds between modern yoga and academia, Ali completed her BA (1st Class Hons.) in Religious Studies in 2015 (specialising in South Asian Religions at Victoria University, Wellington), and finished her Master’s Degree in 2017. Ali’s MA thesis focuses on the changing cultural dynamics within NZ yoga communities.

Ali’s unique ‘insider-outsider’ perspective offers an intriguing look at changes taking place in the Aotearoa/ New Zealand (NZ) yoga industry over the last century. She also considers where local yoga trends are heading in the future. Ali’s viewpoint has been further informed by 15 years in the Fitness Industry, working as a manager and trainer at busy women’s gyms.

In addition to teaching yoga and pursuing academic research, Ali frequently returns to India, yoga’s birth place, to visit sacred sites, live amongst sadhus (in particular the holy men of Juna Akhara), and run yoga tours for practitioners from NZ. This connectedness with diverse cultures has led Ali’s to her role as yoga ‘guru’.

With feet straddling 3 worlds – yoga, academia, and sadhu life – Ali keeps a keen eye on how transcultural trends shape and redefine NZ’s homegrown yoga marketplace.

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