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Dear Sadhana Yoga Community,

Many of you have been wondering what is going on with the studio. It has been a time of uncertainty and change. The exciting news is that we will continue to offer a timetable of excellent yoga classes, which will commence on the 1st August.

Recently we called out to the Sadhana Yoga Community, saying we needed 50 people to sign up as members so we could continue to run full services. We got just under half that amount. Gratefully though, 23 special people paid in advance and became Core Members. Please see our new payment options


Core Teachers: Introducing Mary Goulter

“Mary loves yoga! She knows that life can be difficult – her practice has taught how to face these difficulties and find not only strength to bear them, but also how to fully face all of life’s experiences, from the joyful to the mundane. She knows the value of a consistent practice, and is honoured to share this with you. Mary found yoga while living in San Francisco, and has been fortunate enough to study with incredibly kind and intelligent teachers. She brings a compassionate and encouraging presence to her classes, and aims to make her teaching relevant and meaningful to everybody.” 

Ali returns as studio owner and teacher

“Yoga is my passion. I breath and live a complete yoga lifestyle. Also, many of you know, I am currently doing my Master’s researching the Wellington Yoga scene. This study has shown me the importance of having a dedicated yoga teacher, who can help guide you and inspire you. Yoga gives us all the opportunity to refocus, re-balance, strengthen, built immunity & flexibility, and find a deeper connection as socially aware human beings.”

Ali looks forward to joining you on that journey!

We really look forward to continuing to bring yoga to the Miramar community. This is an exciting time of change, renewal and inspiration. If you have any questions please email Ali at sadhanayoganz@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “Exciting news!

  1. Thank you Ali. That’s awesome news! The new schedule looks really interesting.
    I’m sure our members and new members will be keen to email you suggestions/alternatives to other possible possibilities. Blessings to a real community yoga!

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