Full Moon Blessings-Guru Purnima 2016

full moon rising 2

Tonight, sadhakas and yogis around the world have the chance to gaze deeply, and contemplate this special full moon – Guru Purnima. We can drink the cool light of deep resounding truth by gazing at the moon. We can swallow moonlight’s elixir (soma), which tonight is imbued with the love and blessings of teachers, past, present and future.

Even if we can not see the moon in full because clouds obstruct our view, even if we chose to ignore the moon because moon-gazing is not really our thing, even so, the moon is constantly there waiting for us. It never tires of reflecting our hopes and dreams. It never pulls away from our heartfelt desires, or from our awe and fascination. Tonight’s moon, the guru full moon, not only reflects the teachers’ love, it also teaches us to be humble students. We learn to understand the power of reciprocal exchange.

The moon is inseparable to us, just as we are inseparable to wisdom and truth. The moon regulates our cycles, in the same way that yoga regulates us. The moon draws on every body of water around the world: seas, oceans, fields, and humans. In turn, seas, trees, and people draw on shared resources and energy fields. Tides turn with the moon, and we turn with the tides.

May the moonlight fill all of us with clarity of mind and a sense of deep self-realisation. Let’s be reminded that we are all connected and we have an obligation to preserving that connection.

Blessings on the moonlight.

Blessings to our gurus.

Ali x

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