Moving with the vortex – by Ali

fossilSome people talk about the ‘whorl’, or the vortex, or the Fibonacci’s ‘golden spiral’, as if it is an enigmatic force. Yet, when I see the whorl (encoded in parsley flowers, or succulent plants, or even in the spiral turn of the shell), I see our cosmic trajectory through the galaxy. I see our earth spinning on its axis, being dragged along in the wake of the sun, as it traverses the plane of the Milky Ways’ helical turn.


We humans are encoded with the whorl through this galactic journey. The cosmic spiral is encoded in our Mothers’ wombs, in our fingerprints, the crowns of our hair, the shape of our ears, in our very umbilicus, because we too are on this spiral journey. These spiral imprints do not only record our  journey, they also pick up our unique space-time co-ordinates. The spiral pull of galaxy imprints in us at the time of conception.


crown ear

And once we are liberated from our Mothers’ wombs, cut free from the whorl-encoded umbilicus, we became free floating seeds. We become free moving agents blown around by the subtle forces of life. We too seek a place to rest so that we can reproduce ourselves through works of art, music, food, and our own free moving progeny.

fib cat's eye

So why is it in this freewheeling journey through the vortex that we do not stop to reset our inner compass by admiring the sweet rose, or cat-eyes on the beach? Are we too busy seeking, searching, an earning, to see that the trajectory of the cosmic whorl is subtly shaping our realities?

What kind of answers can the whorl offer us? Every time I see the encoded spiral, I see a familiar compass which reminds me of my cosmic road journey. All natural forms are encoded by the Milky Way’s helical pull. Everything in our local galaxy super cluster is being sucked along into what scientists call the ‘Great Attractor’. It is visible everywhere in nature, but sadly not often in man-made objects.

So when we stop for a moment and appreciate that our day flows East, towards the Sun, we can see that all earthly things are part of that gentle turn, part of the whorl. When we move with the vortex we can relax, take our time and remind ourselves that life is cyclical experience.

Every natural thing is being encoded, be it subtly, by the vibration turn of moon, planets, sun and galaxies. This is what we, in the yogic world, call OM or ‘omkara’ – the perpetual vibration of the cosmic turn as we flow along life’s journey.

Upcycle the truth my friends. Look at the whorl on your fingertips and know the map of your own unique journey. Move with the vortex. Harmonize with the truth of the ever tuning cycle.


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