YOGA MASTERCLASS – ‘Powering up for winter’


MASTERCLASS WITH ALI — this Saturday 2.15 pm-3.45 pm.

Stay on top of your game this winter. This Masterclass covers different components to boost your immunity, including active asana/ postures, technique checking on inversion poses, info on the mysterious lymph system, well-being tips for winter, focused breath-work, quiet concentration, and guided relaxation (yoga nidra … bring a blanket for extra warmth during relaxation).

The session is an hour and a half of yoga packed fun.

Cost is $20.

Places are limited so bookings recommended.  To book email Ali at or ph. 06 327 410820

Address: 20 Stewart Street (corner High Street), Marton (2 hours north of Wellington … fill up on cheap petrol in Foxton, turn left at Sanson, right at Bulls … then drive for another 8 minutes and your here!)


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