India update

So far the trip has been wonderful and members of the group have really bonded!



Delhi was hectic as usual, with plenty of weddings to liven up the streets!


We have visited Maya Devi Mandir and have walked up to Mansa Devi Mandir.




I danced along with bhaki devotees at Haki puri Ghat, Hardiwar


Rather than travelling around like VIP’s we have travelled by autorickshaw and have taken in many of the local sights.


Rishikesh is always popular with group members and we will stay overnight here at the Parmath Niketan ashram


India is a wonderful place to exlore the fact that we are all unique expressions of the cosmic flow. The trick is where you look to find inspiration, and what lens you use to look.



If you look down you will see rubbish. If you look up you will see monkeys. If you look and listen in you will find that you are the centre of universe … one that is asking you to tune in to the flow.



One thought on “India update

  1. What a wonderful adventure you are having. I love the photos. I am quite envious. And wish I was there too.
    Anna Sophia

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