Sleep well Seminar –

Do you long for a good night’s sleep? Do you ever lay away fretting you can’t drop off? Do you suffer from insomnia more often than you would like?

The Sleep Seminar, run by Ali Hale Tilley, discusses some of the causes of insomnia, and offers a useful pre-sleep checklist so you can set up an effective sleep routine. Ali will also discuss simple techniques that can help you drop off to sleep.
After the Sleep smart talk, Ali will lead sleep-specific yoga class, with helpful breathing techniques to help overcome insomnia (bring your favorite pillow/cushion as a prop). The yoga class will finish with contemplation exercises and a guided yoga nidra to promote deep relaxation.
Minimum number of attendees 7 maximum 12

All of this should lead you to a better night’s sleep.


Contact Ali to make an advance booking.

Email:   Phone: (06) 327 4108  Facebook:


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