Meditation places

NZ YOGA CENTRE – I love combining art, sacred objects, and memorabilia to create new places for stillness and meditation. My latest  installation shrine is titled, ‘virgin in an apple crate.’ The message behind the shrine reminds us to revere and collect fresh drinking water. Many of the objects used in this shrine were given to me by my Wellington friends and yoga students over the years – Ali –


Fresh water is life

“A shrine is a place when one’s personal spirituality finds a platform for expression”



Another place I spend a lot of time contemplating is the Peace Garden in the NZ Yoga Centre grounds. New students here in Marton – such as Tracee and Marilyn – have contributed recycled totara and wood crates to help make the garden come to life. People are always commenting how the garden makes them feel so peaceful and happy.


The main shrine at the NZ Yoga Centre used to reside in the studio space at Sadhana Yoga – Miramar. Lots of people got to see and enjoy the love and peace emanating from the wish-fulfilling shrine.  Having a  shrine is not about following a religion, of believing in a specific faith.  A shrine is a place when one’s personal spirituality finds a platform for expression.

Spirituality is key a principal of yoga


The notion of Ishvarapranidhana means to show devotion or dedicate ones life to a force greater than oneself.


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