Yoga India summary 2019


We have travelled through India during Festival Season: Navratri, Dussehra, and Diwali. This means that mass migration around the country increases train cancellations, road traffic, and accomodation demand.


Although the Yoga Trip Itinerary was well organised, the unpredictability factor was high, putting extra pressure on all of our adaptive skills.


We found new places to practice asana and pranayama, we met new friends, found the Ganga’s flow diverted for cleaning, and had to find normal accommodation when ashram bookings were cancelled.


When things were working in our favour, we visited Maya Devi Mandir, bathed in the true Ganga, had lunch with Ravi’s family, and invoked the inner goddesses. We also enjoyed a 1st birthday celebration at our hostel (Hashtag Hostel Rishikesh).



The group travelled in auto rickshaws like a dream, and team spirit was very well balanced.


Ashrams and sadhus provided some real highlights. We were invited to a bandara (feast) at Kali Cave (Jhil Mil Gophur). We also had some special connections at Guruji’s ashram in Barsana, including a techno music tractor ride with Vishnu, yoga on the temple forecourt, chai with resident sadhu Ramdevanand, camping in the ashram grounds, and the arrival of a special red sand boa snake (non-poisonous), which means money will flow back into my pocket…





We pressed onto Jaipur via the beautiful Ambika Shakti Peeth. Jaipur was vibrating with the commerce of pre-Diwali shopping. We found sanctuary from the madness in the temples, parks, forts, and restaurants.




India tried to derail us but as a team of fierce yoginis we were a 5 wheeled juggernaut, unstoppable, powerful and always ready to ride the wild side of this incredible country.


India is great! It has such beauty, such chaos, such vibrancy. I return here time and time again to teach yoga because India teaches us the real yoga. The yoga of self-knowledge, self-discipline, surrender of the ego and immersion with the inner self.


This group was amazing and I was blessed to be the guru of such wonderful women.

Jai Mata Di!

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