Join our 5 week challenge!


This yoga challenge includes 5 main parts:

Physical wellbeing cleanse

  • Minimum of 3 yoga sessions per week (including 1 Sunday class/ week)
  • Clean and declutter parts of your home, car, wardrobe, or office
  • Do a deep body scrub once a week (recipe included)
  • Set up a place for regular yoga and meditation practice in your home
  • Avoid using chemical cleaning and beauty products – use natural products (recipes included)

Nutritional cleanse

  • Eat a pure vege diet using Ali’s 85+10+5% rule (no meat or eggs)
  • Avoid all processed and refined foods, and read grocery labels when shopping
  • Research and use well-balanced vegetarian recipes
  • Limit alcohol intake to 3 units a week (i.e. 3 classes wine or 3 beers)
  • Address food dependencies and replace unhealthy foods with healthy foods

Mental cleanse

  • Practice daily meditation (5 minutes minimum)
  • Limit entertainment habits such as watching soaps and reading fiction
  • Observe your moods in relation to natural cycles
  • Resolve negative mind-sets with self-reflection and discussion
  • Establish a weekly self-care ritual

Emotional cleanse

  • Rise by sunset and catch the first rays
  • Write up a daily journal or write a 100 word summary of the week
  • Cleanse your personal space with incense, sage, or water
  • Avoid toxic or emotionally draining people
  • Limit social media interactions that leave you feeling hollow

Spiritual cleanse

  • Practice two hours of silence once a week (you can walk or run if need be)
  • Practice forgiveness and acceptance
  • Sit or walk in nature and silently observing colours, smells, sounds etc
  • Do some devotional practices (this will be discussed in class)
  • Treat your body as a temple and your mind as its alter



Start Up Class – Sunday 10th Nov. 9.30 am-11 am (doors open at 9.25 am)

We will kick off our 5 week Yoga Challenge with a systems cleansing yoga class, followed by a gathering strategizing how to get through the next 43 days following a yogic lifestyle. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow challenge participants so that you can offer and receive encouragement along the way.

Fortnightly potluck brunch after Sunday class

Every second Sunday at 11.00pam we will have a healthy potluck brunch with fruit, healthy baking, and raw juices

Final Sunday class for the year

Sunday 15th December at 9.30am-11am
This will be the last class of the 5 week Yoga Challenge and we will be celebrating in everyone’s success by sharing our experiences and giving $20 cash back for those who have completed 100% of the challenge.


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