Sunday Yoga Book club

This class  applies deeper knowledge to the different paths of yoga


Week 4 (28th July) invites participants to research the path of Karma Yoga, and chose a reading that is interesting. Ali will supply a set reading for week 4 for those people who find online research challenging. Tip: put ‘karma yoga’ in the google search engine or look up the wikipedia page

Week 3 will focus on the same subject – What is Yoga?”.  This approach gives us a depth of knowledge to build on, and allows us to compare our new reading with previous readings. different aspects of Karma yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana yoga and Raja yoga give people the opportunity to work with which ‘path’ best suits your personality.                Read pages 6-7 of Yoga Mind Body by the Sivananda Vedanta Centre

Weeks 1 & 2: The last two readings looked at different aspects of what yoga means, and how yoga changes in different cultures and eras.
  1. Read the selected pages closely, or focus on a particular passage.
  2. As you read, answer these 3 questions: What do you like about this reading? What don’t you agree with? Is there anything you find confusing or want clarified?
  3. Reflect on what you think about the article/book/ passage.
  4. Make notes if you want to clarify your thoughts
  5. Discuss your ideas with members of the Sunday Book club

‘Yoga Book Club’ SUNDAY 9.30 am -11 am – cost $15

  • Doors will open at 9.20 am sharp for silent contemplation.
  • Please enter quietly and put your mat your mat down in a mindful way.
  • At 9.30 am Teacher-led conversation will continue for 15 minutes
  • A ‘normal’ yoga (active postures, breath work, mudras, therapeutic work) will follow on from there.
  • See you there!


new class


Please note: there will be no Sunday class this weekend. However, the 9.30 am Monday class will run as an ALL LEVELS class and the 6 pm Monday class will take place as a normal HATHA FLOW class. Look forward to seeing you QUEENS BIRTHDAY MONDAY!


6 ego-busting exercises


How can you move from individual self-interest towards positive self-worth? How do you stop acting conceited and superior and being open to change and self inquiry?

Ali’s new podcast gives 6 simple practices that can help you gain a deeper level of self-knowledge to help break the chains of the monkey mind.

Fundraising with Warm-Hearted Yogis


We did it!

Today, collectively, the community that supports the NZ Yoga Centre raised enough money to buy a new heat-pump for our yoga studio in Marton. We raised $3050 in 10 days! Around 45 people pledged to the ‘Warm-Hearted Yogis’ Give-a-little page.

The amazing people from Wellington were among the first to give. These people know me personally, and we have shared in affection, laughter, and overlapping friendships for many years. 4 family-members/ old neighbourhood friends also pledged early, heeding the call to give.

Then, once our pledge board went up in the yoga studio, class members also started to give. They continued to give in a groundswell of generosity and sharing. 7 pledges came from local businesses. 5 people gave anonymously. Was one of these people you?

All of these people have something in common. They care about collective good, and they are open handed and openhearted. They might know me and know how much I give to others. However, they are not uninterested, or self-interested, or even tight-fisted.  They are the true yogis, true family, and my heart flows with gratitude towards them.

You can see their names on the Give-a-little page

Some people feel that being asked to make donations is a personal burden. Yet, some enlightened people see that giving a is a blessing because it allows generosity to flow.

Thank you to everyone who gave to this project. Each of you will be invited to our Matariki/ mid-winter Xmas party in late June 2019. I hope some of you will come to share in the fun and warmth.

… And, for those of you who did not give, or who regard yourself as a true yogi, it is not too late to make a pledge. The Give-a-little page is still open till Wednesday 15th May. Any extra donations will cover the installation fee.


That’s what I consider true generosity: You give your all and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.      

Simone De Beauvoir

Autumn 2019

The NZ Yoga Centre turns 2 on May 5th! The garden is growing and the centre is flourishing.


Thanks to everyone who supported the yoga classes, special events, art Space developments, and excursions. Let hope the following year is even more exciting!

new podcasts about Western yogis in India

Ali talks candidly about everything you need to know about moving from being an ordinary yoga tourist in India to being a real yogi with yogic wisdom.

These free podcasts are part of a series, preparing people for a forthcoming trip to India. Ali thinks you can take people out of the West to India but can’t always take western attitudes out of their yoga practices … listen and find out more!


Easter opening hours


Yoga classes will run at the NZ Yoga Centre, Marton, during the school holidays and over Easter:

  • Monday 15th April – 9.30 am & 6 pm Hatha Flow
  • Tuesday 16th April – 7.15 am Gentle & 9.30 am Gentle & 6 pm Active 
  • Wednesday 17th April – 7pm Gentle
  • EASTER SUNDAY – 9.30am Restorative
  • EASTER MONDAY – 6 pm Hatha Flow 
  • Tuesday 23rd April –  9.30 am Gentle & 6 pm Active 
  • Wednesday 24th April – 7pm Gentle

No booking required. See you there!