Day 38 – Yoga Challenge

beetroot butterfly

Ali reports: The Challenge is coming to a natural conclusion with only two days to go! Fortunately, Wednesday night also coincides with the Antares full moon ( This winter nightscape provides the perfect cosmic ending for our 40 Day Challenge.

On the one hand we can welcome back more personal freedom to make choices around diet and domestic behaviour. Yet, on the other hand, we will loosen the support and solidarity of belonging to a tight-knit  group of resolute yogis.

Our gentle candlelit class on Wednesday 7.30pm, with additional meditation and prize-draw, will formally bring the 40 Day Challenge to an end. Hopefully the group’s collective energy will help ripen the fruits of our yogic commitment.

The special 15 minute meditation led by Ali will allow us to contemplate what new yogic behaviours will be kept, what old conducts be returned to, and what habitual patterns will be released. We will also contemplate what it takes to be a real sattvic yogi living in a modern world. Challenge participants are welcome to bring something that can be shared within the group, thereby ceremonially closing off the Challenge.

Today’s report …

Fighting off an unexpected cold (using about 30 tissues!), I went for lunch with a friend today at a lovely Japanese café called Origami on Cuba Street. The beetroot butterfly (pictured above) enhanced the great food presentation. After lunch we carried on to the City gallery. The outstanding photographic portraits of Mongrel Mob members by Jono Rotman  were, for me, the most striking pieces in the gallery.


Tonight I was blessed with tasty food offerings by a student who understands that feeding a sadhu is a very noble practice indeed. I count my many blessings!

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