JOIN OUR GUIDED YOGA TOUR OF INDIA : Is it time to plan your next trip away? Ali will be conducting a 12-14 day guided yoga tour of India, leaving NZ  November 27th and ending December 12th 2017. Why not join us?


This tour will be made up of a small group (5-8) of dedicated yogis from NZ. If you are interested in having an authentic yoga experience: simple living, daily yoga, vegetarian food, visiting holy sites, experiencing ashram life, and seeing the amazing beauty and sites of India … let Ali know.

Ali has experienced of all types of yoga – the physical, the sacred and everything in between.

Practicing yoga in India offers you a deeper understanding of yourself. It is a type of self-discovery that is priceless.

mountains more

Tour costs $1820 (approx) – includes basic accommodation, internal travel, guided tours, yoga & meditation, and food. Prices are kept reasonable to make this trip affordable for the inteprid traveler.

Contact: Ali @ Sadhana Yoga <> for more information. Three people have already booked and there are 5 places available.


Tour guide:  Ali Hale Tilley has been teaching yoga in Miramar, Wellington for 10 years. She is currently doing her Masters on the NZ Yoga Industry. Ali has traveled to India 12 times and has a vast knowledge of India culture and customs. She is also an experienced tour guide.

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